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Early Music meets Early Theater

Please One and Please All
Theatro brings history to life with dynamic performances combining historical music and theater


Founded in 2021, our troupe is dedicated to creating memorable theatrical experiences that transport audiences to different eras and places, illuminating the lives and stories of the past in a vivid and compelling way.  

Drawing on our extensive research and expertise in historical performance, we present a wide range of shows and productions that cover a variety of time periods, from ancient Greece to the 18th century. Our shows are known for their meticulous attention to detail, including period costumes, props, and language, as well as the use of music, dance, and other theatrical elements to create an immersive and authentic atmosphere.


Our troupe is comprised of a talented and versatile ensemble of musicians, singers, actors, designers, and technicians, who work together to create compelling and engaging productions.

In addition to our performance activities, we are committed to sharing our passion for history, music, and theater with others. We offer a variety of educational programs and outreach activities, including workshops, lectures, and residencies for schools, libraries, and community groups. Through these efforts, we strive to inspire a deeper appreciation for the richness and complexity of the past, and to spark curiosity and imagination in audiences of all ages.


At Theatro, we believe that history is not just a collection of dry facts and dates, but a living, breathing, and endlessly fascinating tapestry of human experience. Through the magic of music and theater, we invite you to join us on a journey through time and discover the stories and characters that shape our world.

Lady Carey's Dance

Core Members

Guest Artists



We offer a wide array of performance programs:

"Play,music!" - songs from the plays of William Shakespeare

"Commedia dell'arte" - a masquerade ball from the Italian Renaissance

"Rose of Roses" - Spanish courtly music from the year 1252

"In Nottamun Town" - an evocative program of ancient songs exploring the history of literature and music from the British Isles from the 9th century to Shakespeare



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