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Damian Wilson



Damian Wilson (born 11 October 1969) is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Wilson works in the progressive metal genre and was the lead singer of Headspace and Threshold. He sang and toured with bands and projects for Star OneAyreonLandmarqPraying Mantis and with Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble.

He’s known for his exploration into different genres and is considered one of the most versatile singers in rock. Open to whatever crosses his path, he’s had an adventurous career over the last 30 years. To this day he has released 6 solo albums, a DVD and a retrospective compilation album, and 3 albums as a duo with Adam Wakeman.

He has performed on the most prominent stages in the UK, during his 2-year tenure as the lead in Les Misérables and supporting tours as diverse as Tony Hadley and Ozzy Osbourne. He doesn’t act in musical theatre these days, but he did stab David Rizzio in the 2018 film ‘Mary Queen of Scots’.

Damian’s live performances are characterized by his heartfelt voice and connection to the audience; whether he’s singing at the club down the road or at the Royal Albert Hall.

Damian balances his solo career as a singer-songwriter with being an energetic frontman for rock bands and guest vocalist. He has toured all over the world fronting bands such as Rick Wakeman’s ERE and Threshold (which has unfortunately left him with permanent eye damage, but his hearing is still perfect).

He will use every opportunity he gets to stage dive, even at seated warned.

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